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Prime outnow


Primed and ready to go - our new compact mixers are here! 

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new Arthur Prime mixers. These compact professional mixers have been specially designed to offer amazing sound quality on a more economical scale.

Available in fixed 5-, 9- and 13-channel configurations, each Prime model is based on the same technology used in Schertler’s flagship ARTHUR mixer. The same high-quality preamps are found on the input channels, the same hi-voltage (48V) power supply offers superior headroom and the same No Negative Feedback (NFB) structure gives a fast response and natural attack, guaranteeing best possible sound quality.

Prime mixers also feature:
balanced XLR microphone and unbalanced Yellow line/instrument inputs • stereo line channel(s) with balanced inputs (pan controls also enable input configuration as 2 x mono) • 3-band EQ • 48V and 10V phantom power • 2 x post-/prefade aux sends per input channel • Master section with L/R faders and VU meters, 2 main XLR and 2 aux outs, stereo digital reverb with independent controls for volume and decay regulation, headphone section with volume control • compact dimensions and low weight.
Prime mixers are ideal for smaller-scale live performances and events, project studios and rehearsal rooms, conference facilities and installations where space is at a premium, or where fewer input channels and aux sends are needed. Available with a choice of wood or metal side panels.

Check out the website for more details.

Breaking News! Resolution Awards nomination for Prime 13
We are very happy to hear that Prime 13 has just been nominated in the Analogue Mixer/Controller category of the 2018 Resolution Awards. If you are a registered reader of Resolution Magazine, you will be eligible to vote. More in the next Diary issue.

Resolution Awards 2018



Summer NAMM 2018


One for the books! Schertler’s first Summer NAMM

Schertler attended the summer NAMM show in Nashville last month for the first time ever. The event proved an overwhelming success for our company.

“We signed up several new premier dealers, including The Acoustic Shoppe in Springfield, Missouri and Righteous Guitars in Roswell, Georgia, among others,” says Dave Schmidt, Schertler’s National Sales Manager. “Our new dealers are really excited to be carrying the Schertler line and and are already doing a fantastic job representing the Schertler brand to their customers.

Spending time in the mecca of music also gave us an opportunity to rub elbows with professional musicians like Jeff Douglas (guitar and dobro) of The Oakridge Boys. Jeff has been with “The Oaks” for 23 years now and knows quality when he hears it. We are expecting Jeff to be taking his Schertler JAM 200 on the road with him very soon”.

Plans are already underway for Schertler to soon be attending other shows in the USA. Stay tuned for more details!



ADGPA 2018


Sound discussions with Dario Fornara at the A.D.G.P.A Convention

The 25th A.D.G.P.A (Atkins-Dadi Guitar Players Association) Convention and 13th Guitar International Rendez-vous took place this year in Pieve di Soligo and Conegliano, Italy, from 29th June to 1st July. During a rich 3-day programme, which saw performances from a number of internationally renowned artists, Schertler Ambassador Dario Fornara presented an interesting workshop entitled “Live Acoustic Guitar”.

Dario reports:
“The workshop included discussions relating to acoustic and classical guitar amplification issues, as well as discussions on amplification systems, use of effects and how participants could best utilise their own personal instrumentation.

“Stars of the show” were the Schertler Lydia system installed on a crossover guitar with nylon strings, and a Magnetico M-AG6 pickup installed, together with the S-MIC-M, on an acoustic guitar with steel strings. A DAVID Deluxe was used for amplification.

A large audience participated with great interest, asking some in-depth questions on the subjects discussed. Use of the Lydia system on the classical guitar and its ability to authentically reproduce the dynamic, warm and natural sound of that guitar without any feedback - even at higher volume levels - generated particular interest and amazement.

Thanks to the artistic directors and everyone involved with the ADGPA for their perfect organisation and for the successful event”. 





Schertler on “dis•play” with Ryuichi Sakamoto

International award-winning film score composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto presents dis•play, a unique production combining sound and visual installation with musical performance. The music is based on Sakamoto’s 2017 album async, with some new material. Sakamoto and his long time collaborator Shiro Takatani (dumb type) developed visuals and site-specific acoustic installation. The “cinemagraphic” music echoes both the visuals and sounds from the original acoustic elements, plunging the viewer into a universe of quasi-meditative discovery.

Shows took place earlier this year in Paris, Metz and Nantes. For these performances Schertler pickups, along with traditional microphones, were used to capture the vibrational energy of piano, cello and Sound-Sculptures made by Val Bertoia (Bertoia Studio).

The pickups have become a mainstay in Sakamoto’s contact mic toolkit:
“In addition to the benefit of reducing feedback occurrence when capturing and processing quieter sounds, often the Schertler pickups reveal a hidden, deeper sound to the objects they’re placed on”. 



Imre Vizi


“The Voice” of Schertler

Achieving 2nd place on The Voice of Romania in 2012 proved a turning point in the career of singer/guitarist Imre Vizi. Now a Schertler Ambassador, he explains how discovering our products also proved a turning point in his quest for the best possible guitar sound.

“My journey with Schertler started about a year ago when my good friend Horea Crisovan introduced me to the Schertler Lydia. I was not pleased with my Ovation’s new electronics and was searching for something that would help me amplify and also hear the body of the guitar - a kind of mission impossible. So I went to Horea and was talking with him about solutions for my problem. He said he could install a Schertler Lydia on the Ovation and if I liked it I could keep it. But if it did not match, well that would be it. As always, he was modest about everything but I was amazed by the Lydia’s performance and sound and decided that I had found my partner in sound in Schertler. Since then I have acquired a JAM 400 and a Lydia Dual for my Furch lj10.

I have toured 17 cities in Romania and, with a few exceptions, all my sound came from the JAM 400. And that was another amazement for me: It seems that I can play my guitar for up to 100 persons and the JAM 400 will do the task with no sweat and with the highest quality. I also recorded sound through the JAM for a TV Christmas special and it was brilliant for that too. All in all I am so impressed, and you have gained my trust so much, that if Schertler were to make a brand of clothing I would buy it without even trying!! Thanks also to Horea Crisovan for introducing me to the products.”