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Musikmesse 2018


News from Frankfurt

Once again we enjoyed welcoming visitors from Germany and further afield to our booth at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. This year’s show featured our latest products, including the new Prime 5-, 9- and 13-channel mixers, alongside more established favourites.

Acoustic amplification systems on display ranged from our compact GIULIA Y to the flagship 7-channel ROY combo, along with TIM and TOM PA systems, the ARTHUR modular mixer, TEDDY stage monitor and high quality pickups such as the Magnetico AG6 and DYN series. In our booth demo room, visitors had an opportunity to test the sound quality of the different systems with various instruments and pickups.

With us on the booth was award-winning audio engineer and Schertler Ambassador Rob Griffin. Rob, a specialist in acoustic instrumentation, has been using an ARTHUR mixer for studio and live recording and was on hand to share his experiences with visitors.
Watch the video with Rob and Stephan talking about audio and some Schertler products.

The show also provided an opportunity for us meet potential new distribution partners and colleagues from the international press.
Thank you to everyone who came to see us in Frankfurt!



Dave Schmidt


New National Sales Manager for Schertler in the US

Schertler is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of a national sales manager for the United States.

Dave Schmidt joins the company with an extensive background in sales, sales management and almost 20 years of retail musical instrument sales.

“Having owned his own retail store and being one of the premier Schertler dealers for over 13 years, Dave’s enthusiasm and product knowledge will be a tremendous asset to all of our dealers, and will also help grow our business across the United States,” says Schertler Marketing Manager Drago Dujak.

“Becoming part of the Schertler family is a tremendous opportunity to represent one of the finest product ranges in the world,” says Dave. ”I have always prided myself on being highly demanding of the products I offered my customers and Schertler is a company that I am extremely proud to represent.”

US dealers can contact Dave Schmidt at: 


Roma Expo Guitars

Photo by Andrea Conti


The Sound of Schertler at Roma Expo Guitars

As well as attracting a steady stream of visitors to the Schertler booth at this year’s Roma Expo Guitars, Schertler amplification systems proved indispensable during some of the concerts, presentations and conferences held as part of the three-day event.

Roma Expo Guitars is dedicated to the classical guitar world, attracting exhibitors, players and luthiers from far and wide. Visitors to the Schertler booth had an opportunity to try a range of acoustic amplifiers (including the compact GIULIA Y and flagship 7-channel ROY), together with a number of pickups. There was also a chance to catch up with the latest developments to the new Arthur Prime mixer series.

An Arthur mixer and TIM PA formed the amplification system used in some of the Expo’s concerts, presentations and conferences, to the delight of show organisers:

“We would like to thank the Schertler Group, a world leader in the production of amplification systems, for supplying the amplification system (speakers + mixer) used for the "Italian Excellence” CD presentation concert and the concert given by M° Aniello Desiderio, as well as for all the conferences held during the three days of the Expo. Many thanks, not only for the high degree of professionalism shown by Schertler Group’s technical staff (especially Duilio Salvucci), but also for the high quality of the technology put at our disposal! “


Roy & Tom at the Martin Experience TFOA


ROY and TOM on stage at The Martin Experience

For Martin guitar owners and enthusiasts, the recent Martin Experience hosted by The Fellowship of Acoustics (TFOA) in the Netherlands provided a perfect opportunity to hear some of these renowned acoustic instruments at their best.

Brunch, clinics and live music preceded an interview with the current C.F. Martin and Co. CEO, Chris Martin IV (great-great-great grandson of the founder).

To ensure best possible sound production, a TOM 1000W portable PA system was used on stage together with Schertler’s flagship 7-channel ROY combo amplifier.

“Everybody was stunned, the Schertler system sounded phenomenal” says Cohen Bults, TFOA Sales Manager.

Catch the event on Facebook: 


Riccardo Sinigallia


Riccardo Sinigallia finds his comfort zone with Schertler amps

For years, the Italian singer-songwriter, record producer and soundtrack composer Riccardo Sinigallia struggled to achieve the right guitar sound when taking his work from the music room to the stage - until he discovered Schertler. He takes up the story:

“Although it’s a nightmare that I have now left behind, I still remember the frustration of trying to transport pieces written and played on acoustic guitar (with no amplification) to the stage or rehearsal room. The live performance sound of acoustic guitars amplified in different ways was never satisfactory. In fact, it invariably caused emotional limitations, as well as technical and expressive ones.

Feedback from the basic sound made it necessary to use sound hole caps to close the guitar body. There were also uncontrolled high frequencies and scratchy effects. In short, a disaster that affected both my emotional state and performance.

As soon as I tried my first Schertler - the original DAVID amplifier - together with a guitar suited to my style of personal accompaniment, the discomfort immediately disappeared. The response was always natural and clear, every type of equalization was effective and decisive. Absolute quality that could also adapt to sound experiments with pedals and so on.

From that moment onwards, I decided to follow the evolution of Schertler products. Now I only play with my UNICO (new generation), but the degree of comfort translates to any of the amplifier models, regardless of their respective differences. Indeed, I no longer feel embarrassed when working with other musicians and especially with sound engineers. I just turn on and play, knowing that any problem will not be a result of my set-up. At the end of a concert, it is really satisfying to meet guitarists (much better than me) who ask about my set-up. And it happens, often!... I recommend this to everyone …"




Claudio Bellato performs with Schertler

Earlier this month, Schertler Ambassador Claudio Bellato introduced his latest project - the Claudio Bellato Trio featuring Mario Arcari - at the jazz festival in Villa Bombrini, Genoa. The programme included Claudio’s own compositions and other arrangements. The trio, including Rodolfo Cervetto on drums (one of Italy’s most in-demand players) and Federico Fugassa on electric bass, was joined by oboist Mario Arcari, one of Italy’s most prolific performers and teachers who has worked in a wide range of musical styles from classical orchestral and chamber music to jazz and folk.

Last year, Claudio Bellato stopped by Schertler HQ with Lorenzo Piccone to shoot a video in our Acoustic Corner.

“Down On The Road” is performed and recorded with the help of Schertler pickups and our flagship 7-channel ROY combo amp. 

More from this duo at Un Paese a Sei Corde 2017 (A Country With Six Strings)