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Stephan Schertler introduces this issue with an insight into the company’s motivation for developing new products.

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tutorials by Nazzareno Zacconi


Schertler Amps - a Musical Overview

Guitarist and Schertler Ambassador Nazzareno Zacconi has created a series of musical product overviews in which he explores various ways of achieving the best possible guitar sounds using the different features on Schertler amplifiers.

Treating the viewer to some virtuoso-style performance, Zacconi presents overviews of the "main personalities" in Schertler's next generation amplifier series, which currently includes:

GIULIA Y. An ultra-compact, 2-channel, 50W acoustic amp, which is perfect for small venue and home studio use, as well as proving handy for practice.

DAVID. A 3-channel, 100W acoustic amp with a range of inputs and features that are perfect for both live performance and studio use.

JAM. A 5-channel, 200W, acoustic "all rounder" with a comprehensive feature set that will prove indispensable both on stage and in the studio.

UNICO. A highly versatile 5-channel, 250W acoustic amp with an extensive range of inputs and features that are perfect for a range of live performance and studio applications.

CHARLIE. A compact, 280W electric amplifier that has been specially developed for use with jazz guitar. The amp is designed to enhance the low-mid range of the instrument, which often features more prominently in a conventional jazz line-up.


Acoustic Night - Beppe Gambetta


Schertler Group accompanies Beppe Gambetta Acoustic Night 17

An SR Technology PA system, along with a DAVID amplifier, once again provided sound reinforcement for guitarist and Schertler Ambassador Beppe Gambetta's latest ACOUSTIC NIGHT at the Teatro della Corte in Genoa, Italy. The BEPPE GAMBETTA ACOUSTIC NIGHT 17 - dedicated to the "Fathers of the Music" - was a special event in the Italian acoustic guitarist/singer's highly popular series. The evening saw Gambetta also play host to three "Fathers" of the modern acoustic guitar - Pat Flynn, Bryan Sutton and David Grier.

While the SR loudspeaker system ensured excellent sound coverage for the appreciative audience, Gambetta's own on-stage amplification was provided by a DAVID acoustic amp.

Following the show, a delighted Gambetta commented: “The success of “Beppe Gambetta Acoustic Nights” (now in their 17th edition) comes from the hard work of a devoted team and the high quality of many technical components. A very important part of this endeavour is the SR PA system from Schertler Group, the exclusive sponsor of our independently produced event. With SR loudspeakers we enjoy a perfectly balanced sound, both on stage and in the theatre. The audience can perceive the articulate nuances of acoustic music with extraordinary fidelity in every corner of the room. Year after year SR have accompanied us in the Acoustic Nights adventure, allowing us to address every difficult task and to amplify every kind of acoustic instrument and complex ensemble. We send you a warm, deeply-felt THANK YOU and many congratulations on all the international recognition you are achieving with your quality”.
Beppe Gambetta

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John Jorgenson Live


John Jorgenson in concert - powered by Schertler

American guitarist and Schertler Ambassador John Jorgenson recently appeared in concert with his Electric Band at the Live Cafe in Sementina, Switzerland. Sound reinforcement and stage monitoring for the show was provided by Schertler Group.

Two TOM compact amplification systems formed the main PA, with two satellites and one subwoofer positioned each side of the stage area. Specially designed for medium to large sized venues, the systems, used in Mono mode (a newer feature), delivered a powerful 2000W of sound reinforcement for ample room coverage. On stage, a range of Schertler amplifiers functioned as monitors for Jorgenson and the band.

Jorgenson comments: “It’s been fantastic. With the TOM systems and Schertler amps used as monitors, this has been one of the best stage situations. The sound was powerful and, at the same time, warm and very dynamic."



Lafaro doublebbas with velvet strings


Velvet Strings hit the right note at ISB 2017

Visitors to the recent International Society of Bassists (ISB) convention in Ithaca, New York, had first-hand opportunity to check out the playing power and musicality of Velvet Strings. The convention, which attracted nearly 1500 bassists from over 30 countries, provided a 6-day feast of workshops, masterclasses, recitals, lectures, and exhibits.

Two of the "house" double basses were fitted with Velvet Strings: The famous Scott LaFaro 1825 Abraham Prescott was strung with Velvet Compas 180, a string originally designed for orchestral use, but now considered by many players to be a great hybrid/all-round string due to its excellent bowed response and strong, organic-sounding pizzicato.

The other bass - a copy of the LaFaro - was strung with Velvet Blue. This is the only Velvet string with a synthetic core (all the others have a natural silk core). The fast playing string has more "modern" characteristics,  offering great articulation and sustain while still retaining  the “Velvet” sound: full, rich and organic.

Response from bassists was excellent, with many seasoned players praising the innovative nature of Velvet Strings.

The verdict: Strings that enable the instrument to "breathe", while allowing full scope for musical expression.


KTV in Vietnam


KTV in Vietnam

Delivering containers for KTV in Vietnam (inset). The Karaoke business we have in Vietnam is growing exponentially.

"As a major player in high-end pro audio installations, we have found the ideal partner in SR. SR product - fully Italian made, stemming from Italian musicality and tradition combined with Swiss precision - perfectly fulfills the ever-growing expectations of our clients throughout the Vietnamese market. Backed up by unequalled marketing support, SR key products, such as the HR Series, set a standard and are now a market reference for any professional in the pro audio business." Mr Pham Van Nguyen, managing director at Phucthanhaudio



Roy and Teddy now available


ROY and TEDDY are ready

Our new ROY acoustic amplifier and TEDDY wedge stage monitor are now shipping. Ask for them in your local store.

More information on ROY here.
More information on TEDDY here.