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extra bag stat
$ 28,00
cavo jack-jack
$ 54,00
extra cavo stat-v
$ 56,45
extra sughero
$ 5,00
stat-pre clip
$ 14,00

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Incredibilmente resistente a feedback, STAT-V è la scelta ideale per gli ambienti rumorosi e per performances rock/jazz/fusion con alti livelli di amplificazione. 
Nella versione standard, STAT-V-SET comprende pickup, cavo e preamplificatore STAT-PRE alimentato a batteria e con controllo di volume. 

Nominal impedance 2 Kohm
Frequency Response 60 Hz to 12 kHz
Dynamic range 70 dB
Sensitivity (on instrument) ca. -20 dB
Temperature range -10° C to +50° C
Contacts Gold plated
Connection Binder to 1/4" jack
Weight 0.16 kg (0.34lb)
Dimensions 10.3x5.5x2.5cm (4.0x2.16x0.98 in)
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 20 kHz
Construction Aluminium box
Nominal output level 0 dBu
Maximum output level 8 dB
Maximum gain 18 dB
Maximum input level 0 dBu
Signal to noise ratio 93 dB
THD <0.06% @ -10 dBu
Input impedance

25 Kohm

Output impedance 190 ohm
Supply 9V alkaline battery

Matt Glase - violin (string dept. Chair - Berklee College of music)
"I love my Schertler pickup! It’s extraordinary. I can now go to a gig with one good violin, one bow and my Schertler pickup, and I know that I’ll get great sound, regardless, of course. The better the P.A. system, the better I sound, but the pickup is never less than wonderful. I hightly recommend it to all string players."

Joe Kye - violin
"I've tried a lot of pickups over the years, and none create the same depth and nuanced fullness of the Schertler Stat-V. It also does a great job withstanding feedback at loud volumes; the fidelity allows me to explore the textural subtleties of the violin even in loud, reverbed rock settings"

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Sam Bardfeld tours with Schertler

American jazz violinist  and Schertler Ambassador Sam Bardfeld has been on tour in Europe with The Jazz Passengers, celebrating the band's 30th anniversary and recent CD release on ENJA/Yellowbird. In the fall, Bardfeld led an 8-piece violin section for seven performances concluding Bruce Springsteen's world tour. Five of the eight violinists used Schertler Stat-V pick-ups.

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