Fondato nei primi anni 1980 dal bassista Stephan Schertler, il marchio Schertler ha acquisito negli anni una crescente reputazione in tutto il mondo grazie ai massimi livelli di accuratezza nella riproduzione del suono dello strumento acustico.

L’approccio innovativo della società nell'utilizzo delle vibrazioni acustiche ha portato ad un catalogo in continua evoluzione di sistemi acustici di amplificazione, preamplificatori professionali e di microfoni a contatto, come l'originale serie DYN degli anni 1990, recentemente ri-progettata nella nuova serie DYN P48, che è diventa la soluzione ideale per i fonici LIVE e STUDIO professionali.

Con la creazione nel 2015 di Schertler Group (Schertler SA, SR Technology e Velvet Strings), la ricerca e lo sviluppo si sono sempre più focalizzati sui prodotti audio professionali . Le più recenti novità includono il pre-amplificatore YELLOW MIC 500, i compatti sistemi di amplificazione professionale TOM e TIM, il nuovo mixer modulare ARTHUR, il monitor TEDDY e ROY, il più giovane della famiglia amplificatori. Con sede a Mendrisio, in Svizzera, il Gruppo Schertler ha attualmente strutture di ricerca, sviluppo e produzione in Svizzera e in Italia.

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Team effort brings success for Schertler in Germany

Noble Guitars and Schertler have forged a unique partnership that has seen German sales double over the last few years. Bernhard Hecht explains the secret behind the success in conversation with Schertler’s Drago Dujak:

DD. After 6 years of working with Schertler, the German market is constantly growing. What do you think is the secret behind this success?   

BH. Well, firstly we have great product - but that alone is not enough. Secondly, Schertler & Noble Guitars make a great, efficient team - meaning, we are very close to the shops and consumers and our ethos is to put customer satisfaction first. People know that and count on it. The distributor should always act like this … in a way like a “department” of the manufacturer.

DD. Do you find that the distribution model has changed over the last 10 years in the Musical Instrument sector? Can you tell us what has happened?

BH. Yes, totally! Today it makes no sense for the distributor just to buy product and sell it involving a large overhead. Internet and new technology have made everything quick and efficient, so there is no need to have expensive sales reps driving around "begging” for orders. On the other hand, you have to react very quickly to your customer/shop needs, because their resources have also become smaller. Shops need to have products that sell easily for you and generate good turnover. At the same time, products that do not have such appeal remain in stock and just fill the warehouse … so in a way, the distributor is now the “shop warehouse” of today … no need for huge amounts of stock as was once the case.   

DD. From your experience, who are the German Schertler end users?

BH. These end users are very “quality oriented” and always expect to be treated to the best. Their tolerance for just being average is very low.  

DD. What is the Schertler “trend” nowadays? Have you noticed any difference in the interest shown towards particular products by end users?

BH. The “new trend” is to get complete sound systems, like TIM and TOM, to give smaller concerts with a higher degree of professionalism. People have a greater requirement for small, easy-to-carry things. You can get a Schertler system for less than 2.000 Euros, but it meets more demands than an old-fashioned studio system for 1.000 Euros. Another great “trend” I have noticed is the new ROY: It is a huge improvement on the old JAM 400. It seems that bands and musicians with high expectations were just waiting for it. The amount of success since its release has been astonishing…All this is in addition to the “standard” Schertler growth … it’s a brand that doesn’t seem to lose its attractiveness: On the contrary, over time it has become even more interesting for users. As the product portfolio grows, the customer base expands.”

GearGossip - Review of Schertler ROY
With the German market getting excited about ROY, here’s a detailed review. Amplifier supplied by Noble Guitars: