Tom Gray

Tom Gray nasce il 1 febbraio 1941 a Chicago, in Illinois ed è un musicista bluegrass universalmente considerato tra migliori contrabbassisti di questo genere. Egli è probabilmente più conosciuto per la sua collaborazione con i The Country Gentlemen e The Seldom Scene. Nel 1996, come membro dei The Country Gentlemen, è stato inserito nella International Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor.

Riguardo a Velvet dice:

"I love my Velvet strings!  They give me a fat, warm sound, great for bluegrass.  They are very consistent in tone and volume across all four strings.  They are easy on my hands, which is important to me.
Shortly after I started using Velvet strings, I had occasion to play with the great banjoist, Earl Scruggs.  When we started rehearsing he said to me "That is a great sounding bass".
I used to use Golden Spiral® tynex-wound-on-gut strings which were only good for the 2 high strings, the G and D.  The lower 2 gut strings, the A and E sounded too thumpy, so I tried to find some half-dead steel A and E to go with the G and D gut, which was only partially successful.  To me all steel strings were too hard on the hands because of their high tension.  They also had a tinny boing in their tone which I wanted to avoid.  I like them to go BOOM not BOING. For great tone and ease of playing, I endorse Velvet Garbo Strings."

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