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X Series - what neXt?

Following the launch of our X Series modules for the Arthur miXer, we’re close to the release of our latest eXciting development. If you’re curious to see where we’re going neXt, check out our forthcoming Diary issues to discover which Schertler products will soon have the “X Factor”.


Mark Fain


Mark Fain meets the YELLOW 500 TL

Bassist Mark Fain has toured and recorded with some of the world’s biggest names in country music. With an extensive background that also covers bluegrass, gospel, rock and jazz fusion, the Tennessee-based master musician and producer is constantly striving to achieve the best possible bass sound. Currently working on a bass record of his own, and keen to “get the best sound ever”, Mark recently explored Schertler’s YELLOW 500 TL preamp during the recording process.

I did a little shootout between the Schertler TL and my Neve. I used my Telefunken U47 and Earthworks mics, and a vintage Western Electric ribbon mic. The Schertler (not just saying this) is the best mic pre I’ve ever heard on my double bass. The sound is HUGE, not bass heavy or bright, but big sounding and very clear. It seems to make my bass sit better in the mix too. I’m sure it will sound amazing on all acoustic instruments. I have a fiddle player coming over next week to overdub on a little project I’m producing and I can’t wait to hear it on him.







Creating a "buzz" with Prime

There’s quite a buzz developing around our Prime compact mixers thanks to some recent magazine reviews and independent videos. The latest of these combines a real-time audio test of the Prime 5 mixer’s features with a down-to-earth explanation of Schertler’s No Negative Feedback concept (which is key to our entire mixer range). Not only did we enjoy it, but it also reached another 5400 viewers in its first 2 days! Check it out here (

About the Prime Series:
Our 5-, 9- and 13-channel mixers are perfect for recordings, performances and other events where high-quality audio is vital, but relatively few channels are needed. Based on the same technology found in the flagship ARTHUR modular mixer, the Prime series offers all the essential elements you would expect from a professional mixer together with compact dimensions that make transportation and set-up a breeze.

Visit for more details



Visit to HEAMRGROUP in Mendrisio-Switzerland with our chinese distribuotor.


Schertler and Hemargroup collaborate to produce next-generation, 100% Swiss Made product

Schertler’s decision to move production of its amplifiers and small PA systems from Italy to Switzerland will result in the company’s entire product range being “100% Swiss Made” by the end of 2019. The move has also necessitated a search for new suppliers who can work with Schertler to maintain the quality that has distinguished the brand for more than three decades. The company’s recent quest to find a new high-end electronic components supplier has, rather fortuitously, ended in Mendrisio itself as Schertler embarks on a new collaboration with Hemargroup - also based in the city.  

Renowned for its high-quality electronics manufacturing services and leading-edge technologies, Hemargroup offers Schertler the opportunity to further improve and optimize its products going forward. The company has recently introduced several improvements in its production method like, for example, fully automatic SMD and THT production lines and including a digital control procedure of every production process, thus applying single-piece-traceability as a standard production quality guarantee.  

We are delighted to be able to work with Schertler - a true leader in the field” says Patrick Schär, CEO of Hemargroup. “This new collaboration between our two companies not only results from necessity and passion, but also from the fact that we are virtually neighbours. Our geographical proximity is highly advantageous in allowing easy, direct communication, as well as enabling us to create new prototypes and products with a much greater flexibility, guaranteeing a wonderful 100% Swiss Made result.”  

Stephan Schertler, CEO of Schertler adds: “With such a major reorganisation underway, it was vital for us to find a supplier of electronic components and services who completely understands our attention to detail and our focus on quality. We are therefore delighted to be working with Hemargroup and look forward to a really successful collaboration.

On a recent visit to Hemargroup, Schertler staff were accompanied by their Chinese distributor, Ethan Cui, who commented: “Schertler was already on top and it was difficult to imagine that things could be better. But now I realize that this move to Switzerland will significantly increase the quality of the products.


Analog Music Night


Analog Music Night proves a sound success

Mendrisio’s Piazzale alla Valle was filled to capacity on 27th July as music fans turned out in force for the first Analog Music Night. Jointly organised by Schertler and the City of Mendrisio, the aim of the event was to focus audience attention entirely on the musical content and sound quality. To help achieve this, no staging structures, special effects or similar visual distractions were used. Instead, a minimalistic performance space was set up using persian carpets kindly loaned by KAROUBIAN Tappeti. Around this, the square’s bars and restaurants offered special pre-concert dining and table seating. At the other end of the square, two grandstands accommodated those who simply came to listen.



As its name suggests, the entire event was analog. A TOM PA system and TEDDY stage monitor, together with Schertler amps, pickups and an Arthur X mixer formed an unobtrusive, high-quality sound system. In keeping with the theme, a live recording of the event was made using an additional Arthur 48 mixer and two Stellavox TD-9 analog recorders. These legendary, reel to reel, Swiss-built tape machines are now extremely rare. Generally regarded as one of the first truly “modular” studio recorders, the TD-9s proved perfect partners for the Arthur mixer on this occasion.

The evening was a great success, featuring excellent performances from a number of international artists. Even the rain didn’t deter people and the square was alive until the very end.



Artistic Director Stephan Schertler comments: “In short, this event underlines the fact that there is little need for oversized structures and audio systems, even for festivals. It’s not so much a case of ‘big is better’, but rather ‘faster is better’ …. in other words, the transient counts more than the SPL!