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Creating a "buzz" with Prime

There’s quite a buzz developing around our Prime compact mixers thanks to some recent magazine reviews and independent videos. The latest of these combines a real-time audio test of the Prime 5 mixer’s features with a down-to-earth explanation of Schertler’s No Negative Feedback concept (which is key to our entire mixer range). Not only did we enjoy it, but it also reached another 5400 viewers in its first 2 days! Check it out here (

About the Prime Series:
Our 5-, 9- and 13-channel mixers are perfect for recordings, performances and other events where high-quality audio is vital, but relatively few channels are needed. Based on the same technology found in the flagship ARTHUR modular mixer, the Prime series offers all the essential elements you would expect from a professional mixer together with compact dimensions that make transportation and set-up a breeze.

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