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Summer NAMM 2019


Schertler prepares for Summer NAMM

Musicians and manufacturers from all over the world are making their way to Nashville, Tennessee, for this year’s Summer NAMM. The three-day show takes place in the Music City Center from 18th-20th July.

Schertler’s National Sales Manager for the U.S., Dave Schmidt, welcomes visitors to Booth 1206, where a range of Schertler products will be on show. Visitors can discover the latest X Series modules for the Arthur mixer and explore the compact 5-, 9- and 13-channel Prime mixers, which are proving popular with musicians and engineers. There’s also a chance to check out Schertler’s well-established acoustic amplification products and high-quality pickups.

If you’re coming to Summer NAMM, why not come by our booth #1206 and explore the sound of Schertler. To arrange a meeting at the show, please contact Dave Schmidt !


Analog Music Night 2019


Mendrisio’s first Analog Music Night - a celebration of music and sound

On 27th July, the Piazzale alla Valle in Mendrisio will resound to the very best in acoustic performance and audio quality as “Analog Music Night” is staged in the city for the first time. This new, innovative event focuses not only on music, but also on aspects relating to sound quality. Top class international artists will be supported by a purely analog sound system. This will enable both performers and audience to experience a truly unforgettable music and sound experience.

The event is also a “local” celebration of Mendrisio, supported by the City of Mendrisio and Schertler. All audio products used to make the evening possible have been designed and built in Mendrisio. The concert itself will be recorded using the legendary Stellavox TD-9 tape recorder.

Artists will perform in the centre of the Piazzale alla Valle, while the audience can watch from all around the square, either sitting comfortably in a stand, or standing up and dancing.

“‘Analog Music Night’ is not just a musical show, but a sound experience at three hundred and sixty degrees” says Artistic Director Stephan Schertler.

To keep spectators well fed during the evening, restaurants in Piazzale alla Valle will offer a special menu designed exclusively for "Analog Music Night" (in addition to the usual à la carte.) Visitors can opt for a Jazz Dinner from 18.00, or can arrive at 20.00 and order a range of international snacks while enjoying the live music.

The concert features performances from

‘The Art of Guitar’

‘Treveller of dreams’ Jubilee Concert

‘Grooves from the three Continents’

Find out more at:  (Italian website only)


Arthur in Boston


Arthur in Boston

Grammy award-winning engineer and Schertler ambassador Rob Griffin recently visited Boston (USA) for some recording sessions with his ARTHUR mixer. Here he met up with other Schertler gear users who were pleased to share their experiences:

“I recently purchased an ARTHUR mixer and TIM PA from Schertler per the suggestion from my friend and engineering master Rob Griffin, who stayed with me for a while this spring in Boston while recording some projects. I am amazed at the clarity of sound - the capture of my (mostly analog) keyboards, my Steinway M - it’s real and present. What I hear is direct, clear, inspiring. It’s like the best of these wonderful instruments is finally respected, acoustically, for us musicians to immediately be part of and work together to convey an honest, humanistic sound for our art.”

Ben Schwendener, Director, Gravity Arts. Inc.

“We were rehearsing using a combination of the TIM PA system and ARTHUR mixer for the first time and I could not believe my ears. I have never heard anything like it. The sound was so natural, clear and strong. Shortly after, we played a concert at a smaller venue using just the DAVID amp for vocal microphone. We were also quite impressed and everyone was commenting on it. Lastly, our engineer Rob Griffin has been using the ARTHUR mixer as preamps during the recording of our upcoming albums “Terra" and “Reconexion”. Again, the sound was just right; extremely natural and breathable. We just discovered this company and we cannot recommend it enough.”

Sissy Castrogiovanni and Jorge Perez-Albela Boston, MA


New Reviews


Latest product reviews: Arthur Prime, TOM, DAVID and DYN-G-P48

More Schertler product has been on test over the last few months and we’re pleased to share some of these tests and reviews.

Germany’s Acoustic Guitar magazine recently reviewed the TOM PA system and the Arthur Prime 5 mixer, describing the duo as
“ … an ideal live setup for solo acoustic artists and unplugged duos.”

Their conclusion:
“Prime 5 offers well thought out, well-equipped studio-quality channels. TOM brings the processed signals from here to the loudspeakers in impressive quality and with a lot of power. The system sounds fantastic, is extremely flexible yet relatively compact. The TOM and Arthur Prime duo is not cheap, but the investment is well worth it as you will have a great deal of enjoyment from TOM and Arthur at live gigs.” (Translated from the original German.)

Read the full review here (German only)

In the USA: Dave Dalton, founder of the Woodstock School of Music, Illinois, unpacks and explores the Arthur Prime 5 mixer:



Aaron Crowell from the Hawaii Music School reviews the DAVID amp with AG6/S-MIC on acoustic guitar:

Ukulele master Kimo Hussey explores the DAVID amp with the DYN-G-P48:


Liutai in Villa


Liutai in Villa - a new platform for Schertler

On 25th and 26th May, the inaugural Liutai in Villa took place in Miasino (Italy). The event, which forms part of the “Un Paese a Sei Corde” (A Country of Six Strings) festival series, is dedicated to classical and acoustic stringed instrument making, with instruments, demos and concerts featuring over the two days. In addition to testing Liutai Master instruments, visitors also had an opportunity to discover products from event partners Schertler, Savarez and G7th.

Schertler ambassador Dario Fornara reports:
“The splendid location of Villa Nigra, an ancient palace dating from the 17th century, saw the participation of musicians and enthusiasts who were able to personally experience the instruments on display, as well as attend the afternoon demos and evening concerts given by guitarists Eric Franceries and Bebo Ferra.
During Schertler's afternoon demos, I presented the Lydia and Magnetico M-AG6 amplification systems installed on a classical Schertler guitar and on a Chatelier acoustic guitar respectively. Almost an hour of music and technical details, with some advice resulting directly from the live use of these products connected to the Giulia Y, David and JAM amplifiers. This sparked great interest from both luthiers and the audience.
A TOM PA system, Teddy monitor and Arthur Mixer formed the main system for the evening concerts. The system will be used for the entire Un Paese A Sei Corde festival series, since this particular event is only the first in a rich program that will continue throughout the summer period.
Stephan Schertler was present on Saturday, as friendly and helpful as ever on these occasions.”


Schertler Swiss Made


Schertler - 100% Swiss Made

Changes are afoot as Schertler begins a substantial reorganisation that will see all of its products being produced at the company’s Mendrisio headquarters by the end of 2019. Until now, Schertler acoustic amplifiers and small PA systems have been produced in Italy. However, once the reorganisation is complete, the entire Schertler product range will be 100% Swiss Made.

Stephan Schertler, President and CEO says: 
“As most of our customers know, Schertler’s acoustic amp line and small PA systems have been produced at our own facility in Italy - SR Technology. Over the last month however, production has been moving over to our headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland.
The reasoning behind this considered decision is that it give us greater control over production and more immediate access for making improvements and for developing new products. In future all SCHERTLER products will be designed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the most stringent Swiss industrial standards. An important step that has been taken in order to satisfy our customers even more.”