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Seasons greetings


Season’s Greetings from Schertler and SR

As another busy year draws to a close, we’d like to thank you for your continued interest in our company and products. It has been great meeting so many of you at events all over the world. 2019 promises to be just as exciting with another full calendar of trade shows, product development and of course more news from our Schertler Ambassadors, dealers and product enthusiasts. Season’s Greetings and best wishes for the New Year from everyone here at Schertler. See you in 2019!


Winter NAMM 2019


It’s cold outside but it’s warm in Anaheim: we’re heading to the Winter NAMM Show!

Schertler is gearing up to attend the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Calf.,- this time with our biggest and best booth ever! Hosting our massive 20x20 booth this year will be National Sales Manager for the U.S. David Schmidt and, traveling from Switzerland, Global Marketing and Sales Manager Drago Dujak and our beloved owner and the creative genius behind Schertler, Stephan Schertler. Stephan will help showcase our latest offerings and demonstrate how Schertler can help you get the very best sound out of your instrument. This is a rare opportunity to meet with and speak to the man behind the music, so to speak, face-to-face. As always, the NAMM Show is an incredible opportunity to for us to share our world-class pickups, PAs and amplifiers with new and current dealers from around the country as well as connect with a wide range of artists. We’ll be at Booth #4607. If you’re heading to the show, don’t miss this chance to connect with Schertler.


magnetico M-AG6


Making the most of your Magnetico AG6

The Magnetico AG6 is one of our most popular acoustic guitar pickups. Make sure you’re getting the best possible sound from yours with these five quick tips from our US National Sales Manager and guitar specialist Dave Schmidt:

1. Check position: Ideally, the strings should be no more than 5 mm above the pickup (4 mm is ideal for most players who do not play aggressively)*. To accomplish this, simply use some small pieces of paper to shim underneath the wings that hold the pickup in the sound hole**. Start with the thickness of one sheet of paper, then fold it over two or three times to increase the thickness as needed. (A thin piece of cork or foam can achieve the same goal.)

2. Proceed with care: Be sure to always plug in the output and input jacks carefully, perpendicular to the connector, to avoid damaging them.

3. Remember, it’s sensitive: The optional S-MIC is a very sensitive microphone. For live applications, user volume should never exceed 10% of the total volume in order to avoid feedback. When using the M-AG6 with the S-MIC for a recording session, we recommend using it at 100% volume mixed with the M-AG6 sound.

4. Outside, on the top: If you choose to use the optional DYN-AG6, we recommend trying it out on the outside top first to find the sweet spot for that particular guitar. Once you’ve found it, glue it inside at the same position with shoemaker glue (preferred) or double-sided tape.

5. You can’t split us up: The endpin jack is made with a stereo input for the sole purpose of drawing power (on/off) when plugging your cable into the jack.

The total time involved in making these minor tweaks and adjustments is only about five minutes, but the gain in sound quality can be significant.

Thanks for playing with us, and enjoy your Schertler Magnetico AG6.

Please note:
*The M-AG6 does not work with nylon string guitars.
**Some older guitars have a smaller sound hole which is incompatible with the M-AG6.


Stampen En Degen


Stampen En Dagen rely on Unico and Digit Two

Belgian band Stampen En Dagen perform a mix of country, skiffle and folk with Dutch dialectical lyrics (which they call “Boogie Folk”). The six-piece band - comprising violin, banjo, guitar-vocals, keys-vocals, bass-vocals and drums - has combined Schertler Unico amps with an SR Digit System to ensure top quality sound for both the performers and the audience. Singer/guitarist Rudy Van den Nest explains: “About two years ago we bought the SR Digit Two PA System. That was a revelation to us - a truly pure, fantastic sound for the semi-acoustic thing that we do. So we decided to add 6 Unico amps, one for each member of the band. The combination of the Digit System and the Unicos is pure acoustic magic! We use the Unicos as personal instrument amps, as well as for personal monitoring on stage. We can do this with the combination of Digit Two, a Behringer X Air XR18 mixer (6 monitor lines out) and the Unicos. The drummer uses his Unico purely as a monitor. Sometimes we have a 7th member (second violin), so now we are thinking about adding a 7th Unico amp!”