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Schertler product videos are proving as popular as ever and we’re pleased to share the latest productions on our YouTube channel featuring our STAT pickups, the ARTHUR modular mixer, ROY and TEDDY.

STAT pickups transform the sound of Atlys
The members of this classically-trained string quartet “electrify” their historic instruments and take their performances in a new direction with Schertler pickups. 

ARTHUR: A new mixer for The Blow
A new Arthur modular mixer is unpacked and seamlessly integrated into the electro-acoustic experimental pop duo’s analogue studio/performance setup. 

ARTHUR: Drums summing session
Alessandro Ciola’s video demonstrates real-time shaping of drum tracks, using the Arthur mixer, to form a perfect summing mix. 

ROY: Effect pedals and connections
Nazzareno Zacconi shows different ways to connect pedals and make various settings on the ROY amplifier. 

ROY: Exploring the multi-effect processor
Nazzareno Zacconi demonstrates the flagship amplifier’s range of internal effects using different musical examples. 

TEDDY: A sound choice
Nazzareno Zacconi presents a brief overview of the wedge monitor’s easy-to-use EQ presets.