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ACE-K Corp introduces GUILIA Y at Sound Messe, Osaka 

For their first trade show with Schertler products, our recently appointed Japanese distributor, ACE-K Corp., presented the GIULIA Y amplifier at Sound Messe in Osaka. The popular guitar show, which took place during May in the city’s ATC Hall, attracted a wide range of acoustic and electric guitar brands, accessories and amplification products.

The ACE-K booth featured Schertler’s ultra-compact 2-channel GIULIA Y amplifier. Ideal for small venues, home studios and practice, the 50 W amp offers the same high quality sound, appearance and robust construction as its larger siblings David, Unico and Roy.

Since coming on board in May, ACE-K have distributed Schertler amps to their retailers and have also supplied a GUILIA Y to well-known Japanese guitarist Tadayoshi Furukawa for use as a monitor.