”B-Stock” refers to a product which we cannot sell as a ”New” for any of the following reasons. It might have been returned by a customer within the ”right of revocation” timeframe. It might have come from our showrooms, or from our production dept with slight aesthetic issues such as a small scratch or a painting flaw, or it might be a new end-of-series product. In all cases, ”B-Stock” products always undergo strict QC tests and are covered by our ”3-year warranty” and our ”30 days money back” guarantee. Availability of ”B-Stock” is always limited, sometimes to one unit only. Available quantities are sold on a ”first come first served basis”.

For more detailed info on listed items, contact us at info_it@schertlergroup.com for our European shop and info@schertlergroup.com for our Swiss shop

Item Category Description Amount
GIULIA Amps & PA Acoustic

Available in Wood, Grey and Anthracite. End of stock, last pieces available.

$ 458,35
M-AG6 Pickups Guitar - Mandolin - Banjo

Limited series - Mahogany top. Minor Aestetic imperfections

$ 214,20
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