Linda West Cellos

Linda West has been online since 2006 assisting cellists in making some of the most important decisions of their musical life - the purchase of a new or used cello, bow, or high-end carbon case. Linda takes great pride in providing the extra customer service before the sale so that each of the customers is completely comfortable with their buying decision. If you have a question about a cello, bow, case or other product, don't hesitate to use the link on the product's page to email her with your question.

Linda started this business when her daughter, Maya, started to play the cello in elementary school, and she has now graduated with a Bachelor's in music. When you email Linda, you are communicating directly with her and no one else. linda does all the customer service because that is what has made her business great and what helps her stand apart from other online stores. She runs a small, casual shop and it will always stay that way. Linda believes that music, and fine instruments, should be accessible to anyone. She will always do her best to understand your needs, and her desire is to exceed your expectations. You are welcome to come visit her showroom and shop, by appointment, if you are ever in Santa Barbara, CA. The online business is international, and Linda has successfully shipped as far away as Dubai, New Zealand, Russia, and Japan. Her cellos always arrive safe and sound and ready to play!

Linda West Cellos
123 West Padre St - Santa Barbara, CA 93105 - USA
Tel: 805-448-9174

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS FOR TEST AND PURCHASE: Schertler STAT series pickups and Basik Series pickups