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The Anima are a bit thinner than the Garbo, they have  more articulation and more sustain, they also bow better. These strings are our best seller among the jazz bassists who also do some jazz arco work.  Big volume and warm sound, although not as dark as the Garbos. Complex and clean sound.

Anima's thinner core ensures a rapid response for pizzicato and arco players alike. The strings produce a strong well-balanced sound with a rich bass and open **harmonic** range. Perfect definition and audibility in all registers makes them suitable for practically every application from Jazz to Baroque

Tension-25 Kgs per string

G string-Polyester and copper winding

D, A and E strings-Copper windings

E-2.92 mm

A-2.30 mm

D-2.05 mm

G-2.05 mm

Rufus Reid - double bass
"I love this Anima strings. I've been searching a long time for a balanced feel and sound that these strings give me. The sound is full and warm, what can I say? I'm happy!"

Stephan Crump - double bass
"What I love about my Velvet Animas is the rich, open and extended harmonic spectrum they offer, along with a playful bounce in feel and excellent pitch stability, all of which help me communicate clearly (and joyfully) with my fingers and with the bow."

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How it's made - Velvet (4)

A little machine, also made in house, for twisting the threads for the string cores.




Stephan Schertler introduces this issue with an insight into the company’s motivation for developing new products.

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