$ 338,00
extra adapt. 1.5V
$ 38,00
extra adapt. 48V
$ 58,00
cable jack-jack
$ 38,00


BASIK-RESO is a specially adapted version of the BASIK universal contact microphone, designed for fixed installation on resonator guitars. BASIK-RESO conveys the instrument’s body vibrations with great precision to produce a natural acoustic sound. The package also includes Schertler’s STAT-PRE preamplifier.

Output impedance 1000 ohm
Frequency Response 60 Hz to 15 kHz
Equivalent output noise 16 dB/0 dB = 0.002%
Sensitivity (on instrument) ca. -32 dB
Temperature range -20° C to +50° C
Connection Female 1/4" jack
Cable length 0.5m (19.68in)
Weight 0.16 kg (0.34lb)
Dimensions 10.3x5.5x2.5cm (4.0x2.16x0.98 in)
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 20 kHz
Construction Aluminium box
Nominal output level 0 dBu
Maximum output level 8 dB
Maximum gain 18 dB
Maximum input level 0 dBu
Signal to noise ratio 93 dB
THD <0.06% @ -10 dBu
Input impedance

25 Kohm

Output impedance 190 ohm
Supply 9V alkaline battery
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  • Bellato Picone, Down on the road
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Stephan Schertler introduces this issue with an insight into the company’s motivation for developing new products.

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