$ 4'368,20
(extra) Knobs for Faders
$ 28,00
(extra) Knobs for potentiometers
$ 28,00
Power supply 12ch (arth48)
$ 78,00

Prime 13 is the largest member of Schertler’s new high-quality compact mixer family. The 13-channel audio mixer is an ideal solution for smaller theatres and performance venues, houses of worship, rehearsal rooms or recording/project studios where excellent sound quality is required, but space is more limited. A practical number of inputs will neatly accommodate a range of performers, without leaving wasted channels and unused aux sends.

Prime 13 is based on the same technology used in Schertler’s flagship ARTHUR mixer, guaranteeing best possible sound quality. The same high-quality preamps are found on the input channels, the same hi-voltage (48V) power supply offers superior headroom and the same No Negative Feedback (NFB) structure gives a fast response and natural attack. Input and output channels contain all the essential elements you would expect from a professional mixer. Compact dimensions make the Prime 13 very easy to transport and quick to set up.

Prime 13 features:

  • 7 x mic input channels, each with balanced XLR microphone input and unbalanced Yellow line/instrument input, Gain, Insert, Insert/Direct Out, 48V and 10V Phantom power, 3-band EQ, Pan, Mute, 2 x post-/prefade Aux Sends for managing effects or controlling a stage monitor, channel fader and VU meter.
  • 3 x stereo line channels, each with balanced inputs (Pan controls also enable configuration of inputs as two separate mono), Gain, 2 x post-/prefade Aux Sends per input, Mute(s) and channel fader(s).
  • Master section with L/R faders and VU meters, 2 Main XLR and 2 Aux Outs, stereo digital reverb with independent controls for volume and decay regulation, headphone section with volume control. 

The Prime 13 package includes: mixer and power supply.

Input impedance

4.7 kohm (Mic input)
592 kohm (Yellow input)
37.2 kohm (Line input)

Max. Output level 
(through LR)
30 dBu
(according to gain)

-59dBu to -16 dBu (Mic)

-41dBu to 0dBu (Yellow)

-17dBu to 18dBu (Line)

Frequency response  
Tot. Gain (through LR) 72 dBu
EQ Low (shelving) 100 Hz (boost +12 dBu)
80 Hz (cut -14 dBu)
EQ Mid 700 Hz +/-12 dBu
EQ Hi (shelving) 4.5 kHz +/-15 dBu
THD + N @ 1kHz 0.04% fundamental
-30 dBu output level 0.004% 2nd harmonic
0 dBu output level 0.003% 3rd harmonic
Power consumption 29 W
Size 22.6 x 37 x 6 cm
8.89 x 14,57 x 2,36 inch

Weight 2 Kg
4.40 Lb


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Stephan Schertler introduces this issue with an insight into the company’s motivation for developing new products.

More information on Schertler Acoustics at .

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