$ 1'579,05
bag sats Tom -
$ 44,05
bag sub Tom -
$ 59,00
speakon 2pole -
$ 30,20
$ 30,00
3pod stand -
$ 45,95


TOM is a 1000W (500+250+250) analog amplification system consisting of a compact active subwoofer and two passive satellites. The former Pocket Two system has been re-engineered for professional use, featuring an enhanced design and several new control features, such as a mono/stereo switch, for greater flexibility. The subwoofer is constructed using BJT technology, incorporating a linear power supply for excellent bass response and efficient stereo effect. Sub levels can be adjusted from -7dB to +2dB. Each satellite contains a passive crossover featuring a custom coil.
TOM has been specifically developed for use in medium to large sized indoor and outdoor venues, providing powerful coverage for a range of mobile sound reinforcement applications. Easy to transport and set up, the system is also highly effective for live performance situations, proving ideal for acoustic instrument amplification.

Insulated padded bags can be separately purchased for the system components, ensuring safe transportation and storage.

TIM & TOM are available in a choice of wood or anthracite finishes. The more delicate wood finish is perfect for studio or home use, blending with a range of room interiors. The anthracite finish is designed for performance and touring applications, where a more robust exterior finish is required.

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Schertler Group brings rising product stars to Musikmesse

Schertler Group brings rising product stars to Frankfurt Musikmesse. 
Groundbreaking mixer concept, re-engineered amplification systems and new 500 series preamps feature in company’s 2016 showcase.
Mendrisio, Switzerland / Frankfurt Musikmesse, 31st March 2016 – Schertler Group’s latest “rising stars” are unveiled at this year’s Musikmesse (Hall 8.0, G92). These new products incorporate some of the group’s most advanced technologies to date, as well as heralding an expansion into new market sectors.
Headlining this year is ARTHUR (Format48), a groundbreaking modular mixer that can be designed and built by the user. The mixer is created from a choice of eight different Class A input/output modules, which can be combined in virtually any order and quantity. Arthur’s innovative electronic design is notable for its absence of negative feedback (NFB) from input to output. This results in ultra-fast response and a natural attack. All circuits are built using discrete components and pure high-voltage DC-amps (without any capacitors in the signal path), offering 30dB headroom and low noise, as well as unparalleled stability, warmth and transparency. Combining the modules is a straightforward process, with the user able to change the unit sequence, or add further units at any time. ARTHUR is scheduled for release in summer 2016.
Supporting products include TIM and TOM, two high-performance, active analogue 2.1 amplification systems, re-engineered for professional use from SR Technology’s original Pocket Series. Each system includes a powerful active subwoofer and two passive satellites. The subs are constructed using BJT technology, which utilizes a linear power supply for excellent bass response and efficient stereo effect. TOM (formerly Pocket 2) has an increased power capability of 1000W. Sub levels on both systems can be adjusted from -7dB to +2dB. A new Mono/Stereo switch has also been added. In each system, the robustly constructed satellites are supplied directly by the sub. All satellites contain a passive crossover featuring a custom coil. For safe, easy transportation, insulated padded bags can be separately purchased for both systems. TIM and TOM will be available in wood or anthracite grey finishes.
Bringing a new pro audio focus to the line-up is Schertler’s recently released YELLOW MIC500 microphone preamp range. Available in three different models - MIC500-TL, -TO and –TT – the single channel, full Class A, 500 series preamps are specially designed for user installation in commercially available Lunchbox racks. The preamps feature intuitive controls and discrete electronics, with no Negative Feedback applied for faster attack and improved slew rate.
UNICO, the fourth member of Schertler’s “next generation” acoustic amplifier series, is a re-engineered 5-channel version of the company’s original Unico Classic/Deluxe amps, with increased power output (250W) and a new 10” subwoofer (previously 8”). Unico features a Class A preamp with no integrated circuits or negative feedback.

Schertler Group in Hall 8.0, Stand G92.

We thank all of attendants who visited our booth and wish to express our satisfaction for the brilliant response being received for current catalogue and new products on show. We also like to share few pics form the show; more pics and vids available in our FB and YT page

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