The 2-channel DAVID DELUXE is perfect for musicians who require a more compact high quality solution. Equipped with a 1” dome tweeter and 6” woofer, DAVID offers 150W of bi-amplified power.

A balanced MIC/DYN input accepts any kind of signal source with the electronics automatically adapting to suit. The STAT input is designed for unbalanced jack connectors, STAT series pickups and high level line sources. (A -15dB PAD guards against potential signal overload.)

Phantom power is available on both channels and LED peak indicators enable channel levels to be easily monitored. Output options and other features are similar to the UNICO Deluxe.

Main Features:

Completely reeengineered Class-A preamplifier without any integrated circuits
Re-engineered power amp with new hi-end speakers.
Hi-end headphone preamp
Intelligent inputs that automatically recognize the impedance of the pickup or microphone. No need for DI box or buffer. Plug in anything, from a hi-impedance passive single-coil magnetic pickup to a low impedance vocal microphone.
Each channel has 4 band EQ + a special dedicated filter: warm, resonance and brilliance.
Peak LED indicators on each channel
LED indicators on phantom power
PAD on the STAT channel
Phase reverse on MIC and DYN channels

Weight 12.9 kg (28.45lb)
Dimensions 31x37x27.5cm (12.2x14.6x10.8 in)
Frequency Response 60 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-3dB)
Speakers 1” dome tweeter, 6” woofer
Construction Plywood
Channels 2 indipendent channels
Outputs DI, LINE, AUX and Headphones
Phantom Power 48V on MIC channel, 10V on STAT channel
Effect Spring reverb
Preamp Class-A no integrated circuits
Power 150W Bi-amplified

Takashi Peterson - guitar
"I've been performing with the new David Deluxe for 3 months now and must say, respect!  They are simply incredible, and has all the addition to the Classic I missed.  I've used Unico (Classic) since 2004, and with the Deluxe series, Schertler made a gigantic leap in innovation and overall quality.  The main feature I really appreciate is the Gain/Channel Volume/Master Volume, this addition makes it possible to get the most juicy sound out of my microphone (Neumann KM184 with a hybrid flamenco guitar).   As well as Low Mid EQ, this is exactly the problematic frequency for nylon string/acoustic guitar.  I have a feeling, with the Deluxe version the EQs are highly sensitive and react at very small adjustment, this flexibility/useability has amazed me at every concert.  Phase button also solved difficult situations on stage in one shot. Resonance knob also a superb addition.  Reverb was always what gave Schertler amps a quality edge, but you guys took this to a different league all on its on, what a sound.
All in all, an amazing work of art.  I couldn't be happier with an amp.  I do DI Out directly to mix console, and the mixer hardly ever has to touch anything because the sound is already full and rich, nicely balanced and gives exactly that, what my guitar produces."

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Stephan Schertler introduces this issue with an insight into the company’s motivation for developing new products.

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