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Schertler’s 200W active BASS subwoofer can be effectively teamed with a UNICO or DAVID amplifier to enhance the performance of acoustic instruments that produce strong low frequencies, such as double bass, acoustic bass guitar or ‘cello.

In order to let BASS exploit the low frequency range to maximum effect, we recommend using the low cut feature on UNICO and DAVID.

Because of its active stereophonic separation, BASS can also be combined with two SIDE units to form a highly effective compact PA system.

The subwoofer has robustly constructed plywood housing with side handles for convenient transportation. Its bipolar 200W and traditional power supply ensure an extremely controlled, accurate and powerful bass reproduction

Weight 17.4 kg (38.35lb)
Dimensions 32x40x37cm (12.6x15.7x14.5 in)
Frequency Response 25 Hz to 200 Hz (+/-3dB)
Speakers 10” woofer bass reflex
Construction Plywood
Inputs Stereo/mono input
Outputs 2x Combo parallel and 2x crossover out
Max SPL 117dB
Controls Volume, Ground lift, mono-stereo or
Power 200W
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Stephan Schertler introduces this issue with an insight into the company’s motivation for developing new products.

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