Hard Cases for ArthurF48

Hard Cases for ArthurF48
$ 478,00


Hard case for Arthur Format 48

Lightweight and compact features a sleek line without neglecting functionality and impact resistance.

The interior lining is designed to perform the double function of securely protecting during transport and to circulate air underneath the mixer to avoid overheating during use.

Available for 10, 20 and 30 modules


  • 4mm thick multilayer poplar wood plus 1mm PVC slightly embossed finish (total 5mm)
  • Internal lining in Ethafoam
  • Anodized aluminum profiles with anchoring tooth
  • Pressure-tight plastic angles with reinforcement rivets
  • Flexible, rubber-coated steel handle for a strong, comfortable handle
  • Steel butterfly closures with compensation spring;
  • Surface mount Snap-on hinges in steel
  • Rubber feet "


  • 10x 44.5L x 56H x 12 cm
  • 20x 81L x 56H x 12 cm
  • 30x 116L x 56H x 12 cm