An introduction from the electronic designer

I’m proud that you have purchased the Arthur Format48 mixer. What may seem to be a standard modular mixing console, at first glance, is actually a groundbreaking new audio product that offers so much more. With Arthur, you can build your own mixing tool with a degree of flexibility not yet seen on the market.

There are 8 different units that can be combined in whatever order you like, in just a few minutes. At the heart of this mixer is an equally groundbreaking electronic design. Never before has the market seen a mixer with electronic circuitry that is totally free of negative feedback (NFB) from input to output. All filters and summing amps (which many electronic designers consider unthinkable without NFB) are free from restricting back loops in this straightforward high-speed design. The result is an ultra fast response and a natural attack, neither of which is achievable with NFB circuitry. All circuits are simply built using single, discrete Class-A electronic components and pure high-voltage DC-amps (with not one capacitor in the signal path), offering 30dB headroom and low noise, as well as unparalleled stability, warmth and transparency.

Although the Arthur Format48 may not offer all the features of a big studio console (indeed, it is not designed for that), its sound nevertheless outperforms many of the more established mixing desks. Put another way, it will be hard to find a better sounding mixer than Arthur. Whether you are using your mixer in an amateur or professional capacity, for studio recording or live applications, small performances or big bands, Arthur will prove the perfect mixing tool thanks to its great sound and unrivalled flexibility.

What's more, should you need another mic input, or an extra instrument input for a friend’s guitar, this can simply be ordered and added to your existing Arthur. I wish you both success and enjoyment while recording and playing music through your Arthur Format48 modular mixer.

Stephan Schertler Schertler Group President and Electronic Designer

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Arthur Nominated


HELP MAKE ARTHUR an analogue mixer KING 

2017 Resolution Awards Nomination for our ARTHUR modular mixer. Vote now!

In this special issue of The Diary, we’re delighted to announce that ARTHUR has been nominated in the Analogue Mixer category of the 2017 Resolution Awards. If you are a registered reader of Resolution Magazine, and if you like Arthur, you can cast your vote for our modular mixer.

It’s exactly 12 months since we announced the release of our new modular mixer, but the source of this particular “Arthurian legend” goes back over a decade. Stephan Schertler describes the journey from basic idea to award nominee.

The whole Arthur concept is actually more than 10 years old, but somehow the company needed to mature with the development of other products such as the hi-voltage Class A preamps, to make us realise we were ready to create a product that would be unique in both its sound and mechanics. The original Arthur concept involved a modular mixer within a frame, but this idea changed with our desire to offer even greater modular flexibility. This modularity is not only advantageous for the user, but also for us. While we do not “need” to have many mixers in our product portfolio, Arthur’s modular character potentially lets us have an infinite number … and it is the product itself that has led us down this particular path.

The actual development process started about two and a half years ago and was extremely challenging. One of the most difficult areas proved to be the mechanics: How could Arthur be made easy to assemble, yet robust enough not to break? The electronic design was also very demanding - lots of innovation which was not easy to squeeze into the space of an individual module. A further challenge was the fact we knew this product would be different from all the others in our current portfolio - in fact it would be completely different from anything we had ever made! In that respect, Arthur cannot be “categorized” e.g. for studio, live, DJ, producer etc, as it is a product that can be used by anybody and everybody.

We have shown Arthur at several major trade shows over the last couple of years and of course everyone has immediately noticed its modularity. But, everyone who has purchased the mixer and tried it comments on the sound, which is at the heart of the product. Because of its high-end sound, electronics and modularity, Arthur has already become a beloved work tool for engineers in various parts of the world. This has further raised our profile in the pro audio market, where we originally gained a foothold with our DYN Series pickups. So it’s already confirmation that we have done the right thing.

We are extremely proud of the fact that, in a relatively short time since starting to develop the product, we have now been nominated in one of the industry’s leading magazines. We are also very honoured to be able to list artists and engineers such as Chick Corea, Rob Griffin, Bernie Kirsch, Morris Hayes and Vittorio Cosma among our high-profile users: It is a huge compliment. Finally, we are also proud to be delivering a mixer that combines accessibility with affordability and flexibility, giving users a product that they can specify and build to suit their own working requirements.

How to vote for ARTHUR

Visit, and click on the “My Subscription” menu item. Enter the Subscription Type, your Reader Code and Post Code and log in. (Contact with your name and address if you don’t have your Reader Code.) After a successful log-in, the My Subscription Details page is reached. Click on the “Resolution Awards 2017” menu item to access the voting form. You can only use this voting form once, so don’t forget to choose all your winners in the various categories before submitting it. Voting closes at the end of September.


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