Sound Pure

Sound Pure is a place to demo and purchase the finest Professional Recording Equipment available, a place to purchase the Finest Hand-Built Guitars and Amps currently being built, and a serious, top-notch Recording Studio. Sound Pure provides the best advice and service for your individual equipment needs, and provides assistance improving the performance of the gear that you already own. The Studio, Guitar Boutique, and Pro Audio Division are all, always, on a pursuit of the most extraordinary, cutting-edge ways to advance their ions, knowledge, and abilities. Sound Pure's daily routine includes demo'ing as much new and exciting equipment as possible, to determine if it's something Sound Pure should offer to its customers around the world. Sound Pure pursues and studies with its clients the best modern studio practices and equipment from around the globe, coupled with a particular emphasis and appreciation for the way that guitars of all kinds integrate into the recording process.

Sound Pure
808 Washington St., Durham, NC, 27701
Tel: +1 888 528 9703

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS FOR TEST/PURCHASE: Schertler Amplifiers and Pickups