Electric Violin Shop

Electric Violin Shop occupies a unique position as an independent retailer at the forefront of a unique, exciting and growing industry.

D. Blaise Kielar began his electric violin journey in the mid 1980’s, when he sold Zeta violins through Hillmusic Fine Violins, in Chapel Hill, NC. When he started his world music instrument store, Music Explorium, in 1999, he considered stocking electric violins to be his fun indulgence. Through the wonders of the Internet, people began calling him for advice about choosing an electric violin.

As electric violin sales grew, Electric Violin Shop® was created as a separate entity from Music Explorium. ElectricViolinShop.com was created as an informational and e-commerce website specializing solely in amplification needs for string players

Electric Violin Shop
5314 NC Highway 55, Suite 102 Durham NC, 27713 - USA
Tel. 866-900-8400

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS FOR TEST/SALE: Schertler bowed instrument pickups Dyn and Stat series